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1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible - First Impressions

Last A Lifetime

By Dakota Wentz, Photography by Rich ChenetSuper Chevy, November, 2004 For whatever reasons: scientific, personal, or traumatic, certain things just stick out like a sore thumb in our minds. Almost to the point that it seems the images have been burned on the inside of our eyelids and every time we close our eyes there they are front and center. There's no escaping it. Or is there?When Tom Nicholson closed his eyes, he repeatedly saw his neighbor pulling up in the driveway with their '55 drop top Bel Air. For years Tom saw those images time and time again. Finally he figured the only way to win is to fight fire with fire.Tom contacted Mark Moses at Moses Automotive to concoct a plan and build a '55 drop top. Between Mark, Tom, and Greg Melms (also of Moses Automotive) they decided to build a '55 that would cover several areas: dependability, comfort, looks, and of course, speed. Moses Automotive designed the entire car in and out and then located a rust-free shell in South Dakota (talk about a kick-ass name). From there they based the car around a set of Colorado Customs 18- and 20-inch rims. A set of Art Morrison framerails were ordered, along with an assortment of other goodies from AM. The power that drives the '55 is from a late-model Corvette, a good ol' LT1. The boys at Moses Automotive stepped things up though with a set of LT4 heads, LT4 intake manifold, TRW pistons, and a Powerdyne supercharger tops it all off.The body was meticulously fitted, sanded, rubbed, and painted by Classic Autoworks. There the hood was nosed, decked, and filled. The door handles and trunk have also been shaved. The finished result is a smooth shiny PPG Viper red surface. Lee's Trim Shop covered the group of one off interior pieces in tan leather.Well did it work? Was Tom finally able to remove those images from the back of his eyelids? Maybe. But I got a feeling the only thing he sees now when he closes his eyes is HIS drop top '55 sittin' in the driveway!

TECH SPECSOwnerTom NicholsonVehicle'55 Bel Air ConvertibleEngine'97 LT1, Chevrolet aluminum LT4 heads, TRW pistons, Comp Cams camshaft,LT4 intake manifold, Powerdyne supercharger with 8 pounds of boost,Headman headers, Flowmaster mufflers, estimated 400 hp at 5,800 rpm,Assembled by Moses AutomotiveTransmission'97 Chevrolet 4L60-ERear EndFord 9-inch with 4:10 gears and limited-slip assembled by Moses AutomotiveSuspensionFrontArt Morrison spindles, Art Morrison tubular A-arms, Shockwave airbags,7-inch drop, Brembo brakesRearArt Morrison framerails, custom four-link suspension, Shockwave airbags,Brembo brakesWheelsFrontColorado Custom 18x7 inchesRearColorado Custom 20x10 inchesTiresFrontYokohama 245/45/18RearYokohama 285/45/20ExteriorPPG Viper Red by Classic Auto Works, Toledo, OHInteriorGlide custom seats, custom door panels, custom carpet, Moses AutomotiveCustom console, upholstered in tan leather by Lee's Trim Shop ofToledo, OHStereoAlpine head unit with MTX speakers, subwoofer, and amplifier

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50s Ford F-100 / Current Ford F-150 Blend - Fuzion

A retro-fied Ford F-150

Photography by Jeremy CookTruckin Magazine, February, 2009 Fuzion (fyoo'zhen) n. 1. A melding or blending together. A reaction of two elements combining to form a new element with the release of great energy. 2. A new breed of truck from Fuzion Motors LLC that combines the classic good looks of the '53-'56 F-100 with a current-model F-150 resulting in one badass ride.
A few years ago, a man from Sylvania, Ohio, by the name of Frank Ragone had a vision. He was checking out the current-model F-150, brainstorming for customizing ideas that would transcend the typical fare of billet grilles and clear corners. He decided that the look of today's F-series pickup simply didn't hold a candle to the clean lines of his all-time favorite truck: the '53 F-100. Frank was just 10 years old when the new Effie was introduced and he's had a soft spot for it ever since.Eventually, Frank got the idea to meld the two together. An engineer by trade, Frank had the wherewithal for the task at hand, but it was a long process. A few simple measurements of F-series new and old showed that the overall width of the two vehicles was nearly identical; however, getting the height of the cowl down to size would prove to be quite a feat. Soon, a series of renderings were drawn up, followed by a 1/18-scale model. Frank then began to scour the country for an assortment of the cleanest Effie hoods, fenders, and grilles to produce a steel prototype from.

  • A set of 20-inch slotted Lazear wheels from Colorado Custom was wrapped with 40-series Goodyear Eagles.A set of 20-inch slotted Lazear wheels from Colorado Custom was wrapped with 40-series Goo
  • From this angle, you would never know you were looking at an '00 Ford. Those halogen headlights are installed in an original '53 grille, too.From this angle, you would never know you were looking at an '00 Ford. Those halogen headl
  • Who would've thought you could graft an Effie front end onto a modern day F-150? Bob Ragone of Fuzion Motors, that's who!Who would've thought you could graft an Effie front end onto a modern day F-150? Bob Ragon

Close to a year of nights and weekends were spent by Frank and his talented metalworkers, beating some modern curves into the vintage sheetmetal and smoothing them out on the English wheel. After much persistence, a steel prototype front end was completed, and from there, the tooling was prepared to make the components from fiberglass. When the finished products were bolted into place on Frank's '00 F-150 SuperCab, they looked right at home and fit perfectly. The final fitment test came when Frank bolted up an original '53 F-100 grille to his retro front end -- another perfect fit. Elsewhere on the truck, the rear bumper was scrapped and a Fuzion-built fiberglass roll pan was installed. The hybrid truck was reshot in the original factory Ford red before the halogen headlights, turn signals, and driving lights were installed onto the front end. A custom soft tonneau was added to cover the bed area, and Fuzion logos were added to the grille and tailgate.The stance is provided by a 3/4 drop from Belltech. The hot rod rake looks right at home with the Effie front end.The stance is provided by a 3/4 drop from Belltech. The hot rod rake looks right at home wTo gain the true Effie custom look, Frank knew the front end needed to be a bit closer to the ground. Up front, 3-inch Belltech coils replaced the stock components, and a 4-inch hanger and shackle kit was installed into the rear. Belltech shocks were installed in all four corners for stability, before a set of 20x9.5-inch Colorado Custom Slotted Lazear wheels was outfitted with a set of P295/40ZR20 Eagle HP tires from Goodyear.Besides some clever rearranging under the hood, things remain mostly stock. The 4.6L V-8 was outfitted with a K&N air intake up top and down below, and the stock exhaust was replaced with a Flowmaster after-cat exhaust with signature Fuzion tips.The Fuzion theme was continued into the interior as well. Lincoln Navigator leather upholstery was installed, and the seatbacks were embroidered with the Fuzion logo. The steering wheel, gauge cluster, and several trim pieces were also upgraded with Navigator pieces.

  • Navigator trim fills out the interior, and the seats were even embroidered with the Fuzion logo.Navigator trim fills out the interior, and the seats were even embroidered with the Fuzion

Fuzion Motors sells its creations as complete units and will build to suit, using anything from a standard cab Flareside to an Expedition. There are also other options available, such as superchargers, brake upgrades, moon roofs, towing packages, and a show-finish bed area. Frank has definitely found a winning combination with the Fuzion hybrid, and the public is responding well. He has taken seven First Place trophies in the past six months, including one at the All Ford Show in Dearborn, Michigan. So when building your next vehicle, look past that honeycomb grille and imagine the possibilities.

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December 11, 2012 at 4:20 pm by | Photography by Mary Seelhorst and The ManufacturerThey say depreciation begins the minute an owner drives a new car home. But if the car survives beyond a normal lifespan, it stops depreciating and begins acquiring value as a collectible. The process can consume a lot of time, as illustrated by this 1903 Ford Model A. New, its base price was $850. Last October, it sold at auction for $264,000, and to a noteworthy new owner: William Clay Ford, Jr., executive chairman of the board for Ford Motor Company and Henry’s great-grandson.Mr. Ford is only the sixth owner of the Model A, which is believed to be one of the first three built, the third one sold, and the oldest surviving Ford production car. The original owner was Herbert L. McNary, who worked for a creamery in Britt, Iowa. He paid $850 for the car, which he and his family kept for over a half-century.McNary may never have known it, but his $170 deposit on the car—in addition to a $300 deposit from the Indiana Motor Co. for another Model A and an $850 full-price payment from a Dr. E. Pfennig for his car—kept the fledgling Ford Motor Co. from teetering over the edge of insolvency. (Neither the Indiana car nor Dr. Pfennig’s are believed to still exist.)When the three orders arrived on July 13, 1903, Henry Ford’s company—his third and ultimately successful foray into the automobile business—had a corporate bank balance of exactly $223.65, not enough to meet the impending payroll. The $1320 was just enough to keep Ford in business. Over the next 15 months, 1700 Model A Fords were assembled in the little plant on Detroit’s Mack Avenue, and the rest is history.McNary’s family finally sold the Model A to an Iowa collector, Harry Burd, for $400. Burd had the car restored, later selling it to a Swiss Ford dealer in 1961. The car was displayed at Ford of Europe’s Cologne, Germany, headquarters until 2001, and appeared in Ford centenary celebration events in England, as well as making the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, which is restricted to cars built before 1905.Before going on the auction block, this Model A Rear-Entry Tonneau (also known as a runabout) was most recently part of the collection of the late John O’Quinn. Although previously restored, including a complete rebuild of the 100-cubic-inch, eight-horsepower two-cylinder engine, the Model A received a mild update restoration following the auction by Terry Deters Restorations in Temperance, Michigan. The transmission is a two-speed unit.

The Model A was the headliner at a kickoff event today at Ford’s World Headquarters in Dearborn that begins the celebration of Henry Ford’s 150th birthday. It will also be on display at the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the public days for which are January 19–27.Beyond that, Chairman Ford says he fully intends to learn how to drive his expensive family heirloom.For further details on the Henry Ford sesquicentennial, see www.henryford150.com.  

Bill Ford Jr. buys original 1903 Ford Model A in auction

Bill Ford Jr., executive chairman of the Ford Motor Co., shows off the 1903 Model A -- believed to be the oldest surviving Ford product -- at an employee event. (Sam VarnHagen / Ford Motor Co.)1 / 11One of the oldest surviving cars sold by Ford Motor Co. is back in the hands of the Ford family.Bill Ford Jr., executive chairman of the Dearborn automaker, was the winning bidder — spending $264,000 — in an auction earlier this fall for an original 1903 Ford Model A Rear Entry Tonneau.Previously, the winning bidder of the October auction in Hershey, Pa., had not been revealed by RM Auctions, an automobile auction house.The car is now in Dearborn, where it will help kick off a yearlong celebration of the 150th anniversary of Henry Ford's birth. Henry Ford was founder of the Ford Motor Co."The legacy of Henry Ford includes many lessons from the past that can help us shape our future and make it better," Bill Ford Jr. said at an employee event Tuesday. "My great-grandfather is famous for innovations that changed the world, from the Model T to the assembly line to the $5-a-day wages. These innovations continue to have a major impact on our lives today."A series of events will take place next year as part of the Henry Ford commemoration. Ford has started a website — www.henryford150.com — as part of the celebration. The vehicle will also make an appearance at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month before becoming part of the permanent collection at Ford headquarters in Dearborn.The Model A Rear Entry Tonneau sold for less than half of its 2007 closing bid of $630,000, according to RM Auctions. It had last gone to auction in 2010, receiving a high bid of $325,000, but that amount did not meet the auction reserve.The eight-horsepower cars, sold by Ford from July 1903 to March 1904, originally retailed for $850, according to an archived ad on the website EarlyFordRegistry.com."With its provenance, and it's an early one, it's a great little car," Carlton Pate III, a collector of antique cars and author of "Pate's Early Ford Automobile Encyclopedia," said after the auction. "It's also got a little history behind it."Pate said three cars were sold on the same day and were stamped with as many as four separate serial numbers in different places, but records show the other two vehicles are no longer in existence, making Bill Ford Jr.'s car the oldest surviving.The Model A has had five owners during its 11-decade lifespan, the most recent being John O'Quinn, a Houston trial lawyer who died in a 2009 auto accident. The Model A was one of about 1,200 automobiles in O'Quinn's vintage collection.The car comes with extensive documentation which details its history and condition. RM said the car has performed "flawlessly," including during the famous London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in 2003, the same year the car turned 100 years old.The engine underwent a complete and professional rebuild prior to O'Quinn's acquisition in 2007.RM has said the car retains all of its original early features, including the rare Kingston carburetor and the original coil box stamped No. 30.An RM vehicle description said Henry Ford and an associate originally placed part orders for the 1903 Model A which included car bodies with C.R. Wilson Carriage Co. at a cost of $68 each; wheels from W.K. Pruden Wheel Co. at $26 per set; and tires from Hartford Rubber Co. at $40 per set.The Dodge Brothers supplied Ford's chassis and running gear at $250 each.EarlyFordRegistry.com said 677 of the original closed-rear Model A cars were produced; an additional 1,131 updated open-rear Model A with a 10-horsepower engine and improved cooling were also produced.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20121211/AUTO0102/212110405#ixzz2HLkqNssx